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Watch here for new opportunities

The Edmonton Multi-Family market has retreated from the
outrageous prices of 2014. After settling to a reasonable low, they have again been climbing at a more measured pace though still enough to put strain on the Cap rates and causing them to fall off considerably.

This is a market still good for the prudent buyer.










Several new properties are potentially available. An investment of $1,000,000  + is required on each. from one  or a pool of investors. Final arrangements with the vendor will not be made until an investor is on board and Invest Alberta is satisfied that the investment is suitable for the investor).

The Edmonton market is looking for a new equilibrium. The summer and fall of 2007 had prices on multifamily properties go nuts with Condo Converters driving up prices on pure speculation. With the over supply of available single family properties this speculative rush has ended and prices are looking for a new "normal"

With the market stabilizing - now is the time to again become aggressive in seeking out viable properties in and around Edmonton.

Some investors are looking to out of province and even out of country properties. We are convinced that the best opportunities remain in the Edmonton region and will continue to sharpen our expertise in that area.

Is this the market you should be involved in? We can assist investors with a minimum of $150,000 in capital to become involved with others to enable participation in this burgeoning market.

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