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This kind of investing is perfect for professionals. People needing to focus on their normal income stream, but wanting to build a significant passive income to support their retirement are delighted with the opportunity this system presents.

Investment properties are thoroughly researched before being made available.
Investment properties are selected from within the market areas that are well known to Invest Alberta. This makes it possible to take advantage of nuances in the market that are readily missed by someone not active in the market.
All documentation relevant to the investment being made will be made available. These can be reviewed by the investor or any adviser(s) they choose.
All investments can be structured for whatever level of involvement desired. In most cases, the investor chooses to simply accept a monthly report on their property accompanied by their cheque.

Invest Alberta (a division of Exces Inc.)
9915 - 79 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1R3
Tel: (780) 433-0480
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