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how to participate

Participation is by invitation only. Prior to participating in any of these investment opportunities, a full assessment of your needs is required. It is imperative that adequate time and preparation be permitted to provide a good fit between the investment property and the investor. No two investments are the same, and no two investors are the same. We believe it is our responsibility to find a good match, and therefore a thorough screening is required. This time frame and process will also provide potential investors the opportunity to become better acquainted with us, what we do and how we work.

If you are interested in participating, or simply to probe us to determine your interest level, feel free to contact us by whatever means you find most convenient. Our obligation to you is to be frank and open about what we do - and NEVER tell someone else what you do.


For out-of-province/country investors, it will be necessary to obtain the services of an Alberta lawyer. We recommend to you the Ritchie Mill Law Office.
For contact information go to

Invest Alberta (a division of Exces Inc.)
9915 - 79 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1R3
Tel: (780) 433-0480
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