We consistently outperform Mutual Funds and the Stock Market in general.

Invest Alberta is designed to connect serious investors with real estate investments having solid potential for significant returns. All properties offered are subjected to strenuous scrutiny to minimize risk to the investor.

Our goal is to provide quality investments to serious investors who are unable or do not wish to be in a hands-on management position with regard to their investments. In order to deliver on this goal, we purchase, restructure and resell properties. We facilitate joint ventures as well as single entity investments.

Our investment properties are situated in Alberta, and most predominantly in the Edmonton area. Edmonton is consistently rated as one of the top 2 places in Alberta to invest in Real Estate by Cutting Edge Research. Clearly, Alberta is the best place in Canada to be investing today.



First time multi-family buyer or doing a Condo conversion - Put our experience on your team.

We can assist with every step of the process - and save you thousands of dollars.

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email: info@investalberta.com

We are a division of Exces Inc, a company with more than a quarter century of history and service in Alberta. We are small and personal, taking on only what we can deliver well focussed attention to. We succeed when we help others succeed, and only then.

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Invest Alberta (a division of Exces Inc.)
9915 - 79 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1R3
Tel: (780) 433-0480
Tel: (780) 433-0480
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