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NEWSLETTER to Investors

Are you up for the challenge?

A new direction - is ALWAYS a challenge

Personally, it is my contention that a new direction can be devastating as easily as it can be rewarding. Allow me to explain myself.

When things are not going well, a new direction can be the ticket to more and better things. Continuing to do what hasn't worked, and expecting it to suddenly work is the classic definition of insanity. In some cases new directions can be like a breath of fresh air, bringing opportunities right to us.

A new direction is often substituted however, for sticking to a plan until you learn to execute it effectively. When the plan doesn't work on the first attempt to implement it, more often the plan needs some corrective action. What did you learn from the process. Take the time to look at everything and understand what went wrong. Often, the errors are not difficult to spot, and they are usually even easier to avoid in future endeavors.

There is a huge trap waiting for those who change direction on every perceived failure.The chances of failing on the first attempt in a new endeavor are overwhelming. No one is perfect, and you shouldn't place that expectation on yourself. If you are embarking on a new direction:

  1. Find someone to mentor you for the first while. Work as their assistant, pay a fee or whatever it takes to learn from them what makes them successful.
  2. Expect less than stellar performance as you begin. Improvements will come with repetition.
  3. Stop and analyze what you are doing and the results you are getting often. Be making adjustments as you go, don't wait for a big failure to force you to take note of what is happening.

So - is it time for a change in direction for you? WHY is the change needed. If you have given the previous direction a good try, then perhaps it is time. Are you up to the challenge?

Every new direction involves a learning curve. The bigger the change, the steeper the curve and the more difficult the implementation. Only change direction when there is a solid reason for it, but if the reason exists, do it with everything you have.


This edition will be followed next by an August/September newsletter in mid August.

Current opportunities:

We are currently looking at a number of purchases of multi-family properties. Some are for holding and some for Condo conversion. If you are interested in participating, please let me know. As details become available I will post them on the web site.


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