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Edmonton Market

Within Alberta, the best real estate investment market is Edmonton. Cutting Edge Research has consistently placed Edmonton at the top of its list of top ten places in Alberta to invest in real estate. While Edmonton benefits from all of the advantages of being in Alberta, it adds a few additional benefits of its own.

Edmonton has an extremely diverse economy, more so than any other similar jurisdiction in North America. It is home to the seat of government, and when the economy goes well - so does Edmonton.

Significantly, Edmonton is the supply base for the huge development requirements of the oil sands development in Northern Alberta. $58 billion in planned expenditures and most of it will flow through Edmonton in one shape or another.

The City of Edmonton provides a large volume of information about Edmonton.

Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation tracks statistics relating to housing as well as providing very realistic forecasting.
Edmonton Real Estate Board - for up to date information on the real estate market in Edmonton.







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