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The People

Eric & Karen, married in 1973,have a long track record in business activities in Alberta. Working as a team on most projects, they have had major involvement in the printing industry, managing their own shop for some eighteen years. Karen invested three years with the Greater Edmonton Home Builders’ Association as the Database and Accounting Administrator, getting to know the industry and its key players.

Eric & Karen have been successful in increasing their own net worth through prudent activity within the real estate market in Edmonton. While starting in the market with homes in need of renovations, they have in recent years been involved in purchasing multi-family properties, some for conversion to Condominium and others to hold as rental property.

Karen brings her penchant for attention to detail to bear on all the projects she is involved in. This, coupled with Eric’s problem solving skills and big picture thinking makes a formidable team in any business setting.

Eric & Karen are inspired by quiet time together. Their common purpose is to be significant in the lives of those they come in contact with by being frank, honest and supportive with them and by contributing their best to every situation they find themselves in.

The Team

Legal Andre Szaszkiewicz
Lawyer (Condo Specialist)

Leroy Hiller
Real Estate and Corporate (www.LeroyHiller.com)
Accounting River City Accounting

Appraisals &
Reserve Fund Studies
Glen Cowan & Associates

"I have known Eric and his wife Karen, for nine years in a variety of business ventures.I have come to appreciate his integrity, honesty and commitment in dealing with peers, partners and customers in a forthright and kind manner.His preparedness and knowledge are second to none and he willingly shares this knowledge with all who ask.

Eric has a heart for people.He is an acknowledged leader who portrays the “Golden Rule” of life, whether it pertains to business, recreation, family or faith."

S Wilson
Edmonton, AB


"I have known Eric for the last three years. From my experience Eric has proven himself to be honest, hard working, enthusiastic, and well organized. In my opinion he is a very competent leader."

D Walline
Camrose, AB


"I would  like to say that Eric Peters is a very honourable man.  He has always done what he said that he was going to do.  He has been very good at keeping me informed and he has done a good job of looking after business.  I believe I am in very good hands dealing with Eric and I know you will be too. All the very best,"

D. McCloy
Red Deer, AB

Invest Alberta (a division of Exces Inc.)
9915 - 79 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1R3
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